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Global Testimonials




A Peter Burleigh

Member, The American Academy of DiplomacFormer US Ambassador to India

“Youth can share ideas, communicate with stakeholders and work towards building future leaders. I sincerely wish the Indian Student Parliament the very best of success.”

Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed.jpg

Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed

Former Secretary General, SAARC

“I wish the Student Parliament
every success.”

Frances Fitzgerald T. D..png

Frances Fitzgerald T. D.

Member, European Parliament
Former Minister for Children and
Youth Affairs, Ireland

“I wish you very best as you continue in your work to engage with and represent with young people in your country.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger.jpg

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor & Former Governor of California

“Appreciate your invitation, but unable to 
accept due to scheduling issues. Wish you
the best of luck with the event”.

Stewart Beck.jpg

Stewart Beck

Former High Commissioner of Canada to India, President & CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

This endeavor of educating and
inspiring today's youth to imbibe the spirit
of democracy to build a better tomorrow is

Bill Gates.jpg

Bill Gates

Co-Founder, Microsoft

“Very best wishes for the success
of the event.”

Tariq A. Karim.jpg

Tariq A. Karim

Former High Commissioner of
the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh to India

“We can be justifiably proud of this forum for it's efforts to reconcile and bridge inter-generational ideas and approaches.
The future indeed belongs to today's youth.”

Lakshmi N. Mittal.jpg

Lakshmi N. Mittal

Chairman & CEO, ArcelorMittal

“Best wishes for a successful event of
Indian Student Parliament”.

Abelardo Cueto Sosa.jpg

Abelardo Cueto Sosa

Former Ambassador of Cuba to India

“This is a unique step to educate the youth
of India for building the nation and enhance
their participation in politics and increase
their trust in the system.

Jonathan Wutawunashe.jpg

Jonathan Wutawunashe

Former Ambassador of Zimbabwe to India

 It is heartening to learn that youth are not only being groomed as future  leaders but are also being imbued with 
the necessary democratic ideals that are foundations of the growth many a nation. 

(Late) Kofi Annan.jpg

(Late) Kofi Annan

Former Secretary-General
United Nations

“We wish you every success with the event”.

Amartya Sen.jpg

Amartya Sen

Nobel Laureate, Philosopher and

“Best wishes for the success of your meeting“.

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