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Shri. Rahul V Karad

Managing Trustee, MAEER’s MIT & Executive President, MAEER’s MIT and MIT World Peace University & Chief Initiator, MIT School of Government (1st School of Bharat for Political Leadership), Founder – NLC, BCS, NTC, NWP, NCMJ, Sarpanch Sansad

"The time is ripe for the educated youth to come forward to shoulder the responsibility of leadership in public life. Unfortunately, they shy away from politics. We have to change the picture.

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Seed Thought

With a strong interest to pioneer a change in the political & social arena with a defined objective, and to inspire the next generation to embark on a path of taking on the mantle of Indian Political Leadership, the MIT School of Government (MIT-SOG) Pune, was launched in the year 2005, at a time when politics was considered a not so good career. We strongly believe that the educated youth with professional training could make an impact at the societal level by joining politics.

It is the first institute in India and Asia of its kind, imparting One Year, Full Time, Masters Program in Government (MPG), a professional program for developing democratic leadership and a career in Politics and Government. The School is providing the youth not just with a formal training centre where they get rudimentary knowledge about the political processes but where they learn to uphold the virtues of transparent and accountable governance essential to strengthen democratic institutions, get understanding of pluralistic society and learn about international diplomacy, politics, trade and economy, as well as respect for human rights. Now with the involvement of youth in public movements and with comparatively greater participation of youth in electoral processes in recent years, our belief that young and educated people should join politics, has been vindicated.

We expanded the canvas of the School in 2011 and brought out classroom training to the thousands of common youth through Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad(BCS). In the last 8 years, the platform has captured the imagination and conscience of thousands of spirited youth and has joined them together for a singular purpose to strengthen the foundations of Indian democracy. Every year 10 to 12,000 politically and socially active students from about 450 universities across 29 states of India, participate in the flagship annual national conclave of Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad after a rigorous selection process adopted by the colleges independently. 

The platform has established its credibility not only in India but across the globe with support and encouragement flowing from all over the world. Many important democratic organizations of global governance have termed BCS as an exceptional model for the entire world, But this is just the beginning.

Considering the vastness of India, the path ahead is enormously challenging as we want our impact to reach farther and deeper. We are sure with the benevolence, support, guidance and good wishes from people, BCS will keep growing and many more common young people will access politics and provide leadership to our country in future.


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