Important Information for Student Speakers

Instructions for selection of Students Speakers for 9th BCS


1) Interested students have to send a 3 minutes video of speech (English or Hindi language only) on any topic chosen from the listed 9th BCS sessions on or before 4th Jan 2019.

2) The first round would be screening of videos based on Language and Content.

3) The shortlisted students would be notified by an email for the second round of interview (Personal Presentation of Speech) by 10th Jan 2019.

4) The Shortlisted students will have to report for second round of interview on 16th Jan 2019.

4) The students have to choose their topic listed under 9th BCS only uploaded on the BCS website only.

5) Shortlisted Students would be given 5 minutes to speak on the chosen topic.

6) He/She should speak in English or Hindi only. 

7) The final selection would be based on the below criteria :


a.     Confidence

b.      Emotional Aspect

c.       Appearance & Physical Action

d.      Clarity of Language

e.       Policy & Political Connect

f.       Voice Quality

8) Shortlisted student speaker list would be uploaded on BCS website by 6 pm on 17th Jan 2019.