Valedictory Session


Rahul Karad –


The speaker spoke about how this event was envisaged as a platform for the youth to entrench themselves in democracy and familiarize themselves with the political process. In this, the event has been very successful over the past ten years, and will continue to be so in the future. He spoke out to the audience present, to remind them of the duty that they have towards the nation and their heritage, and told them that as future leaders of the nation they must strive to always be the best they can. He also thanked all the dignitaries that made this event possible as well as the almost surreal journey of BCS over the years, its impact and its influence. He wished for many more sessions and was confident of the way this platform could transform the way the youth looks to politics and governance.

Revered Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad –


The respected speaker, spoke about the overarching vision of Swami Vivekananda who had prophesized that India will become a Vishwa Guru in the twenty first century. He spoke about how he has adopted the vision of Swami Vivekananda and how it has colored every aspect of what the revered speaker has done. He wished for that vision to pass to the youth present and to never forget the powerful heritage and culture that is part of what we are. He knows with initiatives like BCS will ensure just that.

Kunwar Natwar Singh –


The speaker spoke about how the very hall that every one suits in was created at the behest of the speaker itself. He then spoke about how he is emboldened by their BCS initiative and was heartened to see how the youth have reacted to it. He then spoke about wishing for the youth present to promise that when they do enter the halls of power, they should never argue and fight, but rather discuss all issues.

Captain Amrinder Singh –


The learned speaker thanked those present for the award that has been bestowed to him. He then spoke about the chequered past of Punjab from the pre independence days, when Punjab state encapsulated Peshawar, to after independence when the bulk of Punjab was ceded to Pakistan, to when in India Punjab was divided into Haryana and Punjab. However, the story of Punjab ended with massive successes. The captain then spoke of how he, and most people on the dais are on their way out, thereby leaving the running of the country to the youth and the youth must understand the gravity of what is asked of them.

Dr Karan Singh –


The learned speaker spoke of how learning is a lifelong process and that even at the age of almost 90, he still is learning new things today. Coming from a state that has long suffered, he understands the merits of peace and harmony. He wished for the present audience to understand that India is akin to a carefully crafted bouquet, and that even one flower disturbed will destroy the beauty of the bouquet. He likened this analogy to the present situation in India, where politics seems to be etched in violence and communalism. This will not work in a country as ours which is an amalgamation of many religions and people.

Kiren Rijiju –


The learned speaker recounts the time when he joined the Lok Sabha when all the old greats of India used to be there including L K Advani, Atal Vajpayee among others and how he learned from them all by simply observing them. Now, that knowledge is accessible to a large number of people by the grace of events such as BCS and it is an excellent event. However, he wished to stress upon the power of sports, a long neglected activity in India and is convinced that this will become as string as gaining an education is.

Hon. Pranab Mukherjee –


The former president of India started by thanking all the dignitaries present on the dais and then lauding the initiative taken by Rahul Karad in the form of the BCS. He then spoke at length about the territories of India since independence and how they were gradually incorporated into the Republic of India. He spoke of how communism resulted in the Naxalite movement in India. Then he spoke of insurgency in the North East, in Kashmir and in Punjab. He explained how we could whether all these challenges to the country because of our belief in our constitution and that is the uniting strength of this country. This cannot be broken or diluted for any reason. He explains that now that we have weathered the problems of internal discord, we must face the world as a new and emboldened India. For this, he wished the youth the best of luck and asked them to travel on the path laid down by Gandhi and take India to its rightful place among the leaders of the modern world.

Session Brief

Valedictory Ceremony