India & Emerging World Order

Avantika Shukla – The student speaker was convinced about India’s emerging role in the emerging world order. She stressed on India’s cultural and traditional past and states how this is the age of India as it was all those years ago when the east was responsible for technical and scientific innovation.

Pankaj Dhanaji Mane – The student speaker spoke candidly about coming from the great land of Shivaji Maharaja and how even then Indians had a powerful presence in the world, something he is sure will occur again.

Aishwarya D – The student speaker listed out the reasons by which she believes India is poised to be at the forefront of the new emerging world order and expressed optimism at the prospect.

Ramesh Pokhriyal –


The learned speaker spoke about the potential that India held ever since we have attained independence. He spoke about the vision of India being the ‘Vishwa Guru’ and he found that vision to be very achievable since it relies on India’s actual past, when we were at the forefront of scientific and philosophical thought. He also extolled Indians to understand how powerful our engineers and doctors were the world over, where Indians are making their mark felt in almost all the developed nations of the world. He also wishes for India to understand its industrial potential and envisions a day when made in Germany and made in japan gets replaced by Made in India. He foresees this happening for India in the near future due to the strength of the youth and of initiatives such as the BCS.

Sri Sri Ravishankar –


The learned speaker spoke about how we can achieve the goal of India not only becoming a great country in the world order, but also being a wholesome and completely fulfilled country. The speaker spoke about how this can only occur if we can never stop learning, never stop refining our democracy and never stop spreading our knowledge to others around us. Only in that way can we become leaders of the world.

Ram Madhav –


The speaker spoke passionately about how India is poised to become one of the greatest nations in the new emerging world orders. He spoke about President Trump’s impending visit to India and how it is a sign of India’s emerging power. Previously American presidents would not come to India and if they would, they would include Pakistan and Bangladesh in the visit. Now they only visit for India. He further stated that this generation of Indians is going to be the luckiest as we get to bask in the grandeur of India.

Zam Zam Ibrahim –


The speaker spoke eloquently about the myriad ways in which India can become a major player in the emerging world power. She spoke of the many areas in which India must improve so as to become more powerful. She stressed on the importance of children and education.

Hitendra Nath Goswami –


The learned speaker gave many examples by which other nations are believing that India will become a great power. He then talked about the practical reasons by which he believes India is fast becoming a world power. He quoted multiple statistics that support the growth of India’s economy, the growth in India’s geopolitical potential and the vast pool of youth that will propel India to the place we belong to be in.

Session Brief